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BEST 6 DISC GOLF SHOES: BUYERS REVIEWS AND COMPLETE BUYING GUIDE: When you play disc golf, it’s the shoes you wear, not the disc you throw, that matters most. Disc golfers do more walking than throwing. An average player actually covers approximately 3 to 5 miles per round. We will walk you today through some of the best disc golf shoes we can find on the market.

You probably started with a nice pair of running shoes, like most beginners, but then noticed how easily they were wearing off and realized the need for something more durable. Many traditional sports shoes not only wear down easily, but they are also not waterproof. Some actually also consume water. This leaves you for the rest of the game with soggy and uncomfortable feet, and nobody likes that. We’ll walk you through the best 6-disc golf shoes in this article to keep your feet secure and dry during your games.

Top 6 Disc Golf Shoes

Many players get annoyed by how hard they run in their disc golf shoes. Your shoes, however, are bound to tear and get broken, given that during a game, you take rubber and brush it against the ground 50-60 times (wear and tear are therefore inevitable). Nevertheless, hope is there! By choosing the right kind of shoe that is built to last longer than your everyday sports shoe, we will focus on minimizing the damage.

1.Nike Hypervenom Phelon IC:

Amazed? So have we been? Unlike every other shoe on this list, the Nike Hypervenom is It is meant for soccer, after all, but that’s what makes this shoe outstanding for disc golf. To keep the water out and your feet dry, the synthetic upper mesh on top allows for a stiff, waterproof material. The soles come with highly sturdy, dense rubber, being a soccer shoe. With little-to-no harm, you can easily expect to play as many as 50 rounds or more (as long as you are not an extreme toe-dragger).

The boot features Flywire cables that operate during shots to keep your mid-foot safe. One of the primary issues with this shoe, however, is that it has a narrow design, especially around the toes. So, this should be taken into account for those with wider feet.

2.Adidas Terrax AX2R:

You’d be hard-pressed these days to find a player who hasn’t heard of Terrax. Although they are seen as good-looking hiking shoes by a normal person, disc golf players regard them as the ultimate disc golf shoe.

From the moment you take it out of the box, the Terrax provides great comfort with no need to break it in. Without even the slightest sign of fatigue or pain in your feet, you can play for hours at a time. For every other shoe, this is not something you get. Currently, perhaps the most comfortable disc golf shoe you can choose is the Terrax.

During shots, the grip of a disc golf player is extremely critical, and the last thing you want is for your shoes to slip right when your deadly distance driver is about to hurl you. On all sorts of surfaces, the Adidas-patented Traxion outsole will help you retain great performance and hold you steady.

The Adidas Terrax is calm, versatile, and provides excellent grip. No wonder that right now, it’s one of the most popular disc golf shoes available! Not to mention, for most players, it’s also one of the most bang-for-your-buck shoes you can find, making it a perfect pick.

3.Adidas Terrex Swift R2 GTX:

Looking at the Swift R2 as just another beautiful shoe is simple, but if you look beyond its sleek nature and actually wear this shoe, you’re going to be blown away. First-time users and even hardcore fans of Adidas will find instantly how comfortable the shoe fits. This is partially due to the EVA midsole that provides the foot with some extra bouncy cushioning.

When you’re trying to keep your grip on rough surfaces, this kind of padding comes in really handy. Adidas has also applied its Traxion technology to wet surfaces for extra grip. This will make this shoe much more stable than the AX2R.

This is where it gets interesting: AX2R has had a lot of negative feedback about its longevity. Adidas has collaborated with Continental Tires to develop a rugged rubber sole to address this problem. In fact, the same rubber that is used in all continental tires is the sole used in this shoe. There is now a Gore-Tex liner on the upper portion of the foot, which makes it waterproof.

4.Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof Hiking Shoe:

At its widest, the Merrell Moab is about 4.5 inches. For those with wider feet, this makes it the most comfortable disc golf shoe. Many users have actually commented that the shoe suits as though they were specially made for them. Another aim is the large foundation, which helps keep this shoe extremely secure during shoots. As a disc golf player, stability is key, and as you go for a strong Anhyzer, you don’t want your shoes slipping from under you.

This shoe’s traction is actually the icing on the cake. Merrell used a Vibram sole that is commonly regarded as one of disc golf’s most robust and reliable soles. Most buyers are blown away by just how durable these shoes are, and for at least 2 seasons of regular disc golf, you can reasonably expect to use them.

The broad base and sole combine to create a shoe that retains grip remarkably, even on muddy, rough grounds. The Moab is, overall, a nice shoe that won’t sacrifice your support. They fit well for just about any sport, despite being a hiking shoe.

The Moab isn’t fine, even with all of these pros. The airflow in the middle is very bad for some reason, meaning your feet will easily get toasty on a hot summer day. It takes a little time to break in, too. Buyers with delicate feet should be very vigilant because the first few times, some users report having blisters on wearing this shoe.

Overall, at a quality that is not often seen in many pricier shoes, the Moab provides affordable prices. It’s extremely lightweight and offers wonderful support. Most users have been impressed by how well it suits and how long it lasts. The lengthy break-in time of the shoes, poor waterproofing, and lack of ventilation, however, were a disappointment for many clients.

5.Keen Saltzman:

Keens is one of the most talked-about disc golf shoes. They are the only shoes made specifically for the game, after all. This explains why, in the disc golf world, the brand has such a loyal following. They still endorse the sport regularly and also fund tournaments, as well as game-related athletes.

With that said, on its own, the Saltzman is a fantastic shoe. Even on slippery courses, it holds the ground well, partially due to the sturdy rubber sole. It is also very impressive how the lugs aggressively hold on to the ridges in the soil.

In terms of toughness, the sole of the Saltzman fares fairly well. It might not be as durable as the Merrell Vibram sole (considered to be the world’s most durable sole), but it will still last for a long time. A good addition that was specifically made for toe-draggers and helped protect the toes from unintended bumps and bruises is the Keen protection near the toes.

For stability and underfoot rigidity, this shoe utilizes a nylon shank while a dual-density EVA footbed provides arch support. To provide a normal and relaxed feel as you walk, the EVA footbed follows the contours of the foot. Actually, while wearing this shoe, many users have raved about the degree of comfort.

Additionally, a contoured heel lock comes with the Saltzman. To help stop heel slippage, this lock is linked to the lacing device, making this shoe very secure. With their sturdy cushioning and compression resistance, the polyurethane midsoles merely add balance.

The Saltzman weighs a little more than your average disc golf shoe; however, all this extra stability comes at a cost. If a little extra weight doesn’t matter to you, then it’s nothing to think about. It’s worth noting, however, that many customers did not like the extra weight. Without allowing things to get too stuffy, the patented keen dry used in the mesh upper helps keep the shoe waterproof.

Cheaper shoes are available, but we feel that the higher price for this shoe is justified, given the excellent waterproofing to keep your feet dry and the amazing ventilation to keep your feet from getting too stuffy on warmer days. It is also a perfect way to give back to an organization that helps the growing Disc Golf players community to buy a keen one.

6.Latitude 64 Chain Wear:


Disc golf shoes from Latitude 64 are almost the only company that produces specialized disc golf shoes. The shoe is waterproof, and the outsole is built to grip even the roughest surfaces in such away. Besides this, the inner lining is very soft and makes the shoe very comfortable to wear. The leather top is nice and breathable.

]The weight of this shoe is another thing I really like about it; it’s really light in weight. The shoes are about 1 lb each. It’s about half the weight of a Moab. This will allow you to roam around freely, and your footwork will be a little nimble. This way, using the methods you want to use, you will be able to play your putts.

Things to Consider

One of Disc Golf’s most significant investments is a pair of disc golf shoes that suit your unique needs. Your toes can become pruned from being drenched without the right pair of shoes, or your body can hurt from walking in unsuitable footwear. When looking to buy Disc Golf shoes, here are a few items to consider:

Cost and Budget

At the expense of having new shoes for disc golf, beginners sometimes balk, but they shouldn’t skimp on this. People spend $200 on 2 pairs of disc golf shoes a year, on average. How much are you paying on your discs? How about fees for entry? What about the sweet backpack you’re bringing with you around?

Shoes are not really that big of an investment relative to other machinery, but they are an important investment. There is no question that your golf game will certainly suffer without a decent pair of shoes. In order to see if you can get a decent quality pair of running shoes without having to spend a huge amount of money, Ruggero and his team recently checked a pair of cheap shoes.

With a cheap pair of shoes, the author runs a total of 50 miles during a standard review. They did not hold up very well, as anticipated. Probably, after just two miles, he ended up with some serious blisters. You certainly want to walk the fine line between affordability and results. Typically, the cheaper the shoe, the worse you’ll be off.

Importance of Waterproofing

Most disc golf courses get very muddy, and if you are one of those players who don’t mind wet feet (or you just play when the weather is perfect), it might not be as high a priority to choose a waterproof shoe. A waterproof shoe is, however, extremely necessary for those who are serious about the game and willing to play in wind, rain, or snow to protect their feet from the external elements.


Many individuals prefer only one or two brands over all the others. It’s important to pick a brand that you’re happy with, and you know that it’s going to meet your needs for sports. If you’re looking to help a business that stands by the Disc Golf group, Keens is a great brand to buy from. Alternatively, you can prefer buying shoes from Adidas or Nike if you trust more proven brands.

It’s also important to note that when it comes to disc golf shoes, trail-style shoes are preferable. There are a few brands that make excellent disc golf shoes in the trail-style:

  • Salomon Salomon
  • Merrell Merrell
  • Keene (a favorite of ours)


Every shoe and foot is distinct. It’s important that you study and select a shoe that fits your unique needs. Our favorite choice, however, is the Adidas Terrax AX2R. The comfort, price, and durability are unparalleled, and for any committed Disc Golf player, we believe it’s the perfect shoe. Our article helped you find the right disc golf shoes for you, we think! So, this was the review of the best 6 disc golf shoes that you can buy without any hesitation. I hope this will lessen down your pain, effort, and time to select the best fit from the thousands of options available in the market.