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Greenworks vs. Ego Lawnmowers: A Guide for 2021

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Greenworks vs. Ego Lawnmowers: A Guide for 2021: The lawnmower is one of the world’s most common yard equipment, and for a good reason. With battery-operated options, they have become even more popular, so you might want to compare Greenworks to Ego lawnmowers.

The typical individual had animals such as cows, goats, and sheep for much of history to eradicate the pesky grass that grew around the house. In modern times, as fewer people are investing in agriculture, it has become important to have a machine capable of removing excess grass. The result was the initial push lawnmower that, for your convenience, gradually extended to gas and then battery-powered options.

You want to make sure you get the highest product for your money while looking for a lawnmower that suits your needs. Individuals interested in lawnmowers for cordless batteries need to pay special attention since businesses frequently promise the moon when offering just a piece of granite. Two main producers of battery-powered lawnmowers are on the market: Greenworks vs. Ego. By describing the general nature of a battery-powered mower and how well each manufacturer is able to produce the final product, this easy guide will tell you the pros and cons of each one.

How A Battery-Powered Mower Works

The cordless mower, which is battery-powered, is also called a cordless electric lawnmower. In the 21st century, these electric models are the most common type because they do not need regular replacement of fuel or the frustrating pulling of a cord to start the mechanical mower.

Instead, businesses such as Greenworks and Ego have created a system that runs on often rechargeable batteries that can be removed, replaced, and often recharged as needed. The lawnmower powered by the battery saves how much fuel is used and also produces a machine that is smaller, lighter, and quieter than options powered by gas.

The Pros of Going Cordless

There are many primary reasons why the average consumer prefers to invest in a cordless electric mower, and Greenworks and Ego will be measured against these factors. In general, for three key reasons, individuals tend to go cordless:

  • Less servicing
  • Higher expenses
  • Better ability to navigate

Since it doesn’t have the standard components of a gas model, the standard cordless lawnmower would have less maintenance. Any spark plugs, oil adjustments, air filters, or gasoline injectors would not need to be messed with. When they need to be recharged or modified, the only part you need to manage is the batteries.

You would not need to buy fuel or oil, as you will with a gas mower, in terms of lower prices, to keep this mower happy. The energy paid for running one of these models only costs between $5 and $20 at most.

Finally, there is the opportunity to maneuver. Since they are lightweight, do not vibrate as much as gas equivalents, and also have self-propelling systems, people prefer to use cordless electric mowers. It is also easier to turn the smaller versions, even over thicker grass, and little noise is created by the overall unit. In view of these three features, how do Greenworks and Ego compare?

Greenworks Vs. Ego

Greenworks Tools is a relatively new business that focuses on developing environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional equipment and tools for gas-powered lawns. It is based out of Seattle, where its founding office was founded in 2017. While a relatively young company, its efficiency, emphasis on e-commerce, and distinctive light green shade on its equipment have become well-known.

On the other hand, Ego is a smaller brand owned by Chevron’s larger group, which is based in China. Chevron has more than two decades of experience and has built Ego to even render alternatives to conventional tools and machines operated by gas. It has become popular in the commercial industry and is branching out into residential models to be used at home by the average consumer.

Key Differences

Overall, these brands perform at a comparable level. Both manufacture lightweight models for residential use and illustrate the value of lithium-ion batteries for the production of a strong alternative source of energy. There are a few main differences beyond this, which become evident after comparing the goods at an individual level.

  • The EGO lawnmower has a longer warranty than Greenworks, relative to Greenworks’ 4 years, with an estimated time of 5 years.
  • In contrast to Greenworks’ 2 years, EGO also provides a stronger warranty on batteries, covering replacement for 3 years.
  • The battery pack used by EGO lasts longer than Greenworks, and most models need only one instead of two.
  • It takes approximately 30 minutes to charge the EGO batteries, while the Greenworks batteries require 60 minutes.
  • With only one battery, you can use your Greenworks mower and charge the other as needed, while the EGO will be out of operation until the single battery has died.
  • Your EGO battery is compatible with other EGO systems, while Greenworks prefers to use various types of batteries in its range of devices.
  • The EGO engine has a greater cutting range than the mower from Greenworks.
  • Mowers from Greenworks are quieter than their EGO equivalents.
  • The EGO lawnmower has an average longer cutting time, 45 minutes, compared to the Greenworks 30 minutes.
  • On average, Greenworks engines are smaller and lighter,
  • On average, the EGO electric cordless lawnmower is more likely to self-propel than the alternative Greenworks lawnmower.

These characteristics are calculated as averages, so it is normal that some models would deviate from the above map. These are predominant phenomena, however, seen in all the items currently available from these brands.

Which Is Better?

Eventually, when it comes to choosing whether or not to get an EGO mower or a Greenworks mower, it will rely on your choice. However, EGO seems to be the better choice after evaluating each manufacturer’s product lines and comparing them to each other.

When looking at the three criteria mentioned above, EGO cordless electric mowers simply give more benefits than the Greenworks option:

  • Less servicing
  • Higher expenses
  • Better ability to navigate
Less Maintenance

The EGO-driven lawnmower stands out for providing a battery-powered system with batteries that are compatible with other equipment and do not need long charging times that last a reasonable period of time. Since it comes with just one instead of two like Greenworks, by using an EGO, you can always spend less time managing your power source.

Lower Costs

EGO allows the consumer to spend less time charging their computer, while Greenworks is less costly overall. Electricity continues to cost money, especially for the average homeowner who wants all of their utility bills. Greenworks would cost less cash at first, but by having quicker charger times and more time spent mowing without the batteries dying, EGO compensates for the reduced costs.

Better Maneuverability

That quality seems to go to Greenworks at first glance. When you purchase a Greenworks model when it comes to turning and going up, and down hills, you prefer to get a smaller and lighter mower that is better. When it comes to propulsion, the principal problem emerges. Most Greenworks models are not self-propelled, which means you will have to drive them yourself up and downhills.

On the other hand, EGO manufactures a wide variety of electric lawnmowers that are cordless, self-propelling. If it comes to the cut range of the blades, there is even greater flexibility. As required, you can raise and lower the cut height, making it simpler to tackle various sections of the yard.


In the Greenworks vs. EGO battle, EGO emerges as the apparent victor. Because of the maneuverability of the maker, low maintenance, and low prices, they are one of the best brands to purchase from when on the hunt for a cordless electric lawnmower. These devices are often fast and convenient to use and also come with better features such as longer battery life and a propeller. If you still remain undecided about which brand you prefer, check out any of our other reviews of the maker. To help you make an educated decision as a customer, we equate both EGO and Greenworks to other choices currently on the market.