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Can You Eat Squirrel from Your Backyard? Is it Legal?

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Is Eating a Squirrel Found In Your Backyard a Good Idea? Can you eat squirrels from your backyard? It’s a commonplace question human beings often ask in online forums. And the answer on whether it is feasible to devour a squirrel you’ve hunted from your outside is yes. However, you should recall matters together with whether it’s far prison to seek squirrels in your location. You need to also take into account the hunting techniques, whether the meat is secure and some of the cooking recipes.

Let’s study those elements to apprehend more about them.

The Legality of Hunting in Your Backyard: Can You Eat Squirrel from Your Backyard?

Some states have strict legal guidelines towards the hunting of squirrels. For instance, in Olney, Illinois, if you accidentally run over a squirrel, you’ll get a great of $500.If you hunt or kill them, you may be arrested and face crook charges. In different states like California, you will want a allow earlier than trapping any squirrel. However, maximum states consider each crimson and grey squirrel as sport meats; hence they may be killed for human consumption. But you’ll need a license earlier than doing that and additionally best kill them during the searching season.

In some provinces in Canada, local squirrels are considered heritage. Therefore, it’s miles against the law to hunt them. In British Colombia, “humane” searching of purple, southern flying, and fox squirrel is authorized.

The United Kingdom forbids the killing of squirrels as recreation meat. However, if there is a squirrel invasion, it’s criminal to hunt them as a pest. According to the Royal Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the ones caught looking squirrels might be arrested or fined.

In New Brunswick, looking for all squirrels is authorized from October to January. In Newfoundland and Labrador, the looking season runs to February and March, respectively. So, in case you realize the legality of squirrel searching in your area, you’ll recognize whether you could devour squirrel from your backyard.


Some of the state requirements about looking squirrels come with the approved strategies of taking pictures of them. Keep in thoughts these requirements range from state to kingdom and even the country.

In the US, archery is an acceptable technique of searching squirrel. British Columbia also lets in the killing of grey squirrels the usage of bows and arrows. In the UK, it’s the prison to kill them by way of either a blow to its head or capturing with pellet guns, rifle, or shotgun. If you drown, poison, suffocate and electrocute them, you chance being arrested or fined. If you’ve got a special license, you could hunt them with bows and arrows.

Squirrels can be hunted with squirrel traps inside the US; those traps are designed for squirrels only. However, states like Hawaii, Washington DC, and Alaska do not allow the usage of those traps. In the UK, it’s far unlawful to use traps that may seize the crimson squirrels.

What Type of Squirrel can you Consume?

The gray squirrel may be discovered everywhere inside the United States making it certainly one of the most-hunted animals. They can also be discovered on trees trying to get eggs from bird’s nests. However, it may be tough to devour squirrel due to the fact they’re no longer clean to catch, and hunting them might also require quite a few endurances even for the experienced hunter.

When is it safe to consume squirrel?

The warm summer climate makes squirrels brilliant hosts for fleas, mites, lice, and ticks. To ensure that your squirrel meat isn’t infected with parasites and bugs, it would be nice to seek them all through the winter. The bloodless winter climate won’t permit parasites to reproduce at the squirrel’s corpse. Eating an excessive amount of squirrel meat might also inadvertently disclose you to this rare fatal mind disorder.

Squirrel brains are considered a delicacy in locations like Kentucky. But with doctors announcing that a few squirrels ought to be wearing the prion disease, it’s pleasant to keep away from eating squirrel brains and any of its spinal fluids. You ought to also reduce out the glands inside the squirrel’s limbs. Some squirrel illnesses may be easily identified however others consisting of mange can be hidden. If you’re now not an expert hunter and would need squirrel meat without the hazard of contracting a disease, strive for a reputable eating place that prepares this delicacy.

Benefits of Eating Squirrel

You can be wondering if there are any fitness advantages to consuming squirrel meat. A preferred serving of this meat incorporates more protein than that located in bird or beef. It’s also a very good supply of nutrition B6, iron, diet B12, and niacin. Nevertheless, it has high-cholesterol that’s unsuitable for individuals with heart conditions.

So, Is it Safe to eat Squirrel?

Squirrel meat has grown to be a common delicacy in maximum restaurants serving recreation. Their sweet taste and firm texture suggest that it can be organized in a number of methods, particularly at some point of unique occasions. To prevent the hazard of contracting CJD (Creutzfeldt-Jakob diseases) and different diseases from inflamed squirrels, hunt them for the duration of the wintry weather and keep away from consuming their brains. Generally, squirrel meat is secure to eat and offers plenty of proteins and other vital vitamins. The meat is also lean for people who have fitness problems.

  • Making Squirrel Meat

When it comes to cooking squirrel, you want to follow all of the safe cooking practices. Something else to don’t forget is the bigger the squirrel, the slower the cooking. If you need to tenderize it, you must braise it because it additionally provides to its taste. Consider these strategies, if you need to put together with a squirrel.

  • Slow Cooking

Slow cooking is the right way to put together with a squirrel that is a bit older and bigger. Cut them into 1-inch chunks. You also can use seasoned flour aggregate to dust the meat then sauté it in a pan to brown. You also can sauté a few greens like carrots, onions, and celery to add some yummy flavors. Add in either bird or vegetable broth, then allow it simmer for up to six hours or till it will become tender.

You can also attempt cooking the meat by Placing the veggies and salt in your slow cooker. Then placed the squirrel meat on the pinnacle of the vegetables. Then cover the combination with water. Cover the cooker and permit it to simmer for 6 hours. When done, blend it with flour then stir very well then let it cook dinner for two more hours. Another way of tenderizing the beef is with the aid of soaking it in milk overnight for some hours before cooking it.

  • Deep Frying

For this approach, you will need quartered squirrel meat. Some eggs, plain flour, breadcrumbs salt and pepper, and sufficient oil for deep frying. Mix the flour with salt and pepper. Beat the eggs within the bowl. Toss the squirrel meat in the flour then dip it inside the eggs. Then coat the meat with breadcrumbs.

Heat the oil to about 170 tiers Celsius. Place the beef in the oil and permit it to cook dinner for about eight minutes earlier than flipping it and frying for an additional 5 minutes. You can serve with any accompaniment; however, most humans pick French fries or coleslaw.

There are masses of different ways to enjoy your prepared squirrel meat. A few that we enjoy include:

  • Squirrel jerky
  • Squirrel sausage
  • Marinated squirrel kebabs
  • Country-fried squirrel steaks

Advice to Improve Livelihood

Talk to any hunter, and you’ll get dozens of hints on how to get squirrels. The critical things to recall are to pick out the right habitat and use your senses to find them quickly. Squirrel tracks are distinctive and smooth to identify within the mud or snow. When you notice one, continually shoot them on the ground after being positive of your target.

Squirrels are certainly wary. If you miss, you may have alerted them and some other flora and fauna or birds in the area of the presence of a human. Follow the first-rate hunting practices and wear blaze orange to alert different hunters and non-hunters in your presence. You might also find it helpful to scout your looking vicinity before you load up to discover the trees which are producing. Some species will have nuts or fruit each other year.

Conclusion: Can You Eat Squirrel from Your Backyard?

While squirrel meat is nice and tender, it’s not a famous preference for maximum people. Squirrel meat is easy to prepare and an excellent addition to fall meals. It’s an amazing supply of energy and proteins. A serving of 313 grams of squirrel meat carries 96, three grams of proteins and amino acids, and 541(2265Kj) calories. (Source)

But don’t forget to check out if it’s prison or illegal to shoot squirrel from your backyard. If it’s a felony, well, you can go ahead and hunt and put together your tasty squirrel meal.