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Modern Best Firewood Storage Ideas for Both Indoors & Outdoors

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Best Indoor and Outdoor Firewood Storage Ideas to Keep Your Wood Dry: Most of us have a wood-burning fireplace or even a small fire pit to keep our house warm and cozy during the winter. As winter can be really harsh sometimes, It’s always best to be safe and have some firewood supply gathered and stored in the house. Not just for fireplaces, if you love to have bonfires in our back yard, you might as well have a collection of firewoods. Though Firewood is an essential supply for a household that relies on a wood fireplace during the cold seasons, storing them is quite a hassle if you don’t have proper firewood storage ideas.

Living in a cold region, you more than likely have dealt with the issue of storing your firewood. While most people like to pile up their woods outside of the house, there needs to be a way of keeping a ready supply indoors near the stove or fireplace. Either indoor or outdoor, there are some considerations while making the storage. Firstly, you must make sure your woods are kept in a dry place. Secondly, find a spot where your firewood will have exposure to adequate airflow and finally sack your woods in the right manner so that it doesn’t cover too much space.

Before you start your winter preparation, here are some useful, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor and indoor firewood storage ideas for you to implement into your home.

Indoors Firewood Storage Ideas:

1. Round Artsy Firewood Storage Ideas:


Round Artsy Firewood Storage

This type of circular metal ring provides a vintage yet stylish look with very practical use. You can use the whole ring for woods or divide it and use the smaller compartments to hold kindling and newspaper while the big section holds a large stash of logs. This round rack will be a wonderful choice if you want to add a natural element to your indoor space.

2. Metal Baskets Firewood Storage Ideas:


Metal Baskets

Metal basket is one of the most popular firewood storage ideas Indoor due to its convenience and movability. It’s not something you need to buy, spending money on, or build with DIYs. Just look for a vessel or vintage metal box that will do the perfect job of small storage. All you have to do is clean the bucket, dry it properly, place it in a nice corner, and put your woods. Make sure the bottom is solid, so flakes of wood and dirt aren’t getting all over your floor

3. Storage Below Seating Firewood Storage Ideas:


Storage Below Seating

Nowadays, there are beautiful longitudinal sofa or couches available with numerous storage compartments for giving the living room an extremely cozy character. This underside compartment of a built-in bench is a great place to tuck away firewood. If you do not have those couches with readymade storage, you can use the space beneath your plain bench anyway to store your woods. Just place a Rexine or Tarpaulin on the floor and keep the firewood on it. Not only it will be very much convenient, but it also looks good mixed with the room’s wood accents and wall

4. Firewood Storage Beneath Wooden Stairs:


Firewood Storage Beneath Wooden Stairs

This one will be your personal favorite firewood storage idea if you live in a duplex or you have a set of stairs in your home. You can simply sack your wood there and fill the wide underutilized area beneath the stairs smartly. While this one is a quick and free way to store your firewood without the hassle of having to purchase or build a firewood shelter, at the same time, it is visually striking as well.

5. Modern Storage as an element of the Decor:


Modern Storage as an element of the Decor

Modern houses sometimes have a built-in storage system, which also works as a decorative element. With other embellishments, you can store some firewood in those storages. In this image, the wood storage in this living area is a big part of the room’s focal wall. What’s also great about this kind of storage is the firewood is placed inside the wall rather than on the floor or in a firewood holder.

Outdoors Firewood Storage Ideas:

1. A-Frame Wooden Firewood Rack:


A-Frame Wooden Firewood Rack

Firewood storage doesn’t always follow a typical square design. According to this firewood storage idea outside, you can make wood storage sheds into any shape you like. Using triangular storage for woodworks well because keeps the log stacked neatly and tight too. One great thing about this storage is it has an angled roof that allows snow, hail, or other icy elements to roll off of the building, easing the pressure on the rooftop. A-Frame Wooden Firewood storage building is also smaller in size, which means it would make a wonderful addition to a cozy backyard.

2. Round Off-The-Wall Storage Rack:


Round Off-The-Wall Storage Rack

If you do not live in a very cold area and you’re certain you won’t need a truckload of firewood to survive the winter, then this outdoor firewood storage idea is best suited for you. This rack would be great if you’re looking for some natural elements to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space. As shown in the image, you can use the separate components of this circular rack for sectioning various types of wood or simply creating the look you want.

3. Antique Metal Suitcases Turned Firewood Storage:


Antique Metal Suitcases Turned Firewood Storage

There is no way it is possible that you didn’t own a large trunk like this one for traveling long distances. These steamer trunks may no longer be useable for international travel, but they still work wonders in the storage department. This can be the best place to store your logs as these trunks are very firm and well made. Not only the woods, but you can also fill the truck with all your fireplace needs to keep everything neat and contained.

4. Wooden Pallet Storage Space:


Wooden Pallet Storage Space

If you into DIYs and want to build your own firewood storage, this simple yet functional kindling storage is for you. We all have some unused wooden pallets lying around in the basement or garage. Well, you might want to put them to use by constructing this feasible Pallet Storage like this one in the image. To add more visual appeal, you could also coat the pallets with a durable outdoor stain or paint.

5. Storage under The Bench Surrounding Backyard Fire Pit:


Storage under The Bench Surrounding Backyard Fire Pit

If you’ve decorated your backyard with a fire pit and some benches, then you can use it for dual-purpose from now.  One very convenient way to store the firewood in your backyard can be under those benches. In the cold evenings, you can set the fire pit in your backyard, sit on the bench to relax, and grab more firewood once you need to add them. With this outside firewood storage idea, you will not just enjoy the functional benefit; at the same time, it will offer such a warm and welcoming vibe to space when stacked neatly under benches.

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Conclusion: Modern Best Firewood Storage Ideas 

With the right firewood storage, you’ll be able to maintain your fireplace all winter long or even year-long depending on where you live. If you live in a very snowy region, It’s always good to be prepared with some extra firewood near your hand. Wherever you want to store your firewoods, we’ve tried to discuss the most convenient indoor and outdoor firewood storage ideas in this article.

Hopefully, this will help you store your woods properly this winter. Inside or outside of the house, always make sure the storage is kept clean.  The logs should be dry and stacked properly inside the storage to avoid critter infestations, mold, and fungus attacks.