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Modern Best Affordable Goat Fence Ideas for Your Backyard

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Practical and Affordable Goat Fence Ideas with All the Details, Tips, and Images: Goat farming is profitable since ancient times because of its multi-functional utility. Nowadays, it has become more popular all around the world as a permanent income and employment opportunity. By raising a goat, one can harvest milk, meat, and fiber at a very low investment. If you are a commercial goat farmer, a hobbyist farmer, you should know the behaviors of your livestock and the ways to confine and protect them with a goat fence.

Goat farming is a lucrative business not only because of its multi-functional utility but also as a healthy option to get fresh milk and meat for your family. Also, if you got a hand for it, you could earn a handsome amount by selling milk, making cheese, selling meats, selling cashmere wool, or even selling the goats themselves. Another very profitable business is to use the milk to make goat milk soap, which is gaining popularity as a skin brightening product.

Starting goat farming is quite an easy investment and arrangement-wise, but dealing with a herd of goats can be a matter of headache, especially if you are a beginner in this field. Goat as an animal is very friendly, loyal, and useful. They eat almost everything in the yard, clearing out the unnecessary weeds and grasses. Just like a dog, you can keep a goat for security purposes as well. They will serve as a guard and alert you whenever there is an intruder in around your house. Likewise, you need to consider their security and find a way to confine them with a goat fence.

The main of fencing your yard is to protect your cash crops or restrict your livestock. But you need to have a proper idea about how to build a goat fence and consider all your options before jumping onto it. There are several types of materials and fencing products available in the market for you to choose from. Consider whichever one serves the purpose best.

Here is a selection of suitable and affordable goat fence ideas that will help you choose the best fencing option.

Top 15 Best Affordable Goat Fence Ideas for Your Backyard:

1. Classic Barbed Wire Fencing:


Classic Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fencing is used from ancient times as a useful barricade for keeping the livestock in. In spite of not being the gentlest goat fencing option, it is one of the most popular ones due to its affordability, durability, and accessibility. Barbed wire works fine for keeping the goats in, but it does nothing to hold fairly large and aggressive animals. However, if you are on a budget, then this is the best option, but you might explore other update versions for better value.

2. Woven Wire Fencing:


Woven Wire Fencing

As goats are very likely to get tangled by barbed wire fencing, you can consider woven wire fences as a more expedient and lenient option. Besides, goats tend to climb or dig through fences, for preventing that a woven wire fencing is an ideal strong barrier. A well-made woven wire fence also keeps the predators out, keeping your herd safe and sound.

3. Square Wire Goat Fencing:


Square Wire Goat Fencing

In this fence, there are large squares made of wires through which the goat can peek his head. This is a very animal-friendly option compared to others. In this goat wire fence idea, your goats don’t feel caged and can enjoy the petting and cuddles from outside. It’s better to install this fence where there’s less risk of predators and intruders.

4. Welded Wire Fence:


Welded Wire Fence

Welded Wire is made by welding two sets of wires arranged in vertical and horizontal rows. These fences are also framed with wooden posts to strengthen the barrier. A welded wire fence is not very useful in restricting aggressive animals, but a well-made welded fence can be really durable with regular maintenance. 

5. Rectangular Wire Fencing:


Rectangular Wire Fencing

This is another popular one among cheap goat fence ideas. This one is also heavy-duty and strung between wooden or bamboo posts. Rectangular Wire Fencing is a pet-friendly option that allows the goat to peek its head through the fence.

6. Wire Mesh Goat Fence:


Wire Mesh Goat Fence

Wire mesh goat fence is a reasonable yet convenient one. It is not a very strong fence, but if you strung it between metal goat fence panels, then it becomes a resilient barrier for the goats. If you are looking for something that is affordable, easy to install and gets the job done pretty well, then blindly go for a wire mesh goat fence.

7. High Tensile Wire Fencing:


High Tensile Wire Fencing

If you are goat farming commercially and it requires extra security measures, then high tensile wire fencing can serve the purpose. The high tensile wire is an upgraded version of the traditional galvanized wire, which has a minimum of 50 years of life expectancy with the least maintenance. 

8. Metal Goat Fence:


Metal Goat Fence

A metal goat fence is made of heavy gauge wire or metals custom made for the use of fencing.  Initial construction costs of a metal goat fence may be high, but keep the goats safe and where they belong

9. Rustic Wooden Goat Fence:


Rustic Wooden Goat Fence

As shown in the picture, this wooden goat fence not only works as a fence but also is used as the wall of the barn. This wooden fence can be made with domesticated wood you find in your garage. But make sure to keep some gaps between the slats so that your goat can enjoy the outdoor view or peek its head out sometimes.

10. Post and Rail Fencing:


Post and Rail Fencing

This post-and-rail fence is one of the most common wooden goat fencing ideas in which two or three wooden rails are attached horizontally with wooden posts. You can also combine it with a wire fence to improve functionality.

11. Electric Goat Fence:


Electric Goat Fence

Electric fencing is gaining more popularity due to its usefulness in confining livestock. Whenever any goat bushes up against the fence, a pulsing current runs through the fence, giving them a mild shock. You can use an electric fence all around the area, or you can electrify a particular area as well. An electric fence may sound heavy-duty, but it requires low maintenance if you construct it properly. But while installing goat fence electricity for the first time, it is better to let professionals do the job.

12. Rigid Iron Fence:


Rigid Iron Fence

Iron fencing is without any doubt the strongest fencing option to confine the goats and restrict the predators. Whether your goats are eating carrots or grazing on weeds or shrubs, a strong iron fence will keep them safe and make sure they don’t escape.

13. Colorful Picket Fencing:


Colorful Picket Fencing

Goat fencing is a requirement when you are goat farming, but that doesn’t mean that fencing has to be plain and boring. Most of the time got fencing decreases the outdoor beauty of your home. But you can use this fencing as a decorative element and create a fun and lively environment with colorful fences.

14. Slatted Wood Goat Fence:


Slatted Wood Goat Fence

This one is the best goat fence option if you like recycling. Just get some wooden slats and joint them with diagonal boards, and you have a goat fence ready. You can keep your goat safe with this DIY goat fencing option.

15. Wood Framed Mesh Goat Fence:


Wood Framed Mesh Goat Fence

Wire fencing with a strong wooden fence provides the perfect protection. Although it is not the most secure option, it is easy to install and looks good from the outside. All you have to do is, buy some wire or garden mesh and attach it to the wooden frame.

Conclusion: Best Goat Fence Ideas 2021

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With the least investment and maintenance, you can earn a handsome profit from goat farming. Throughout this article, we have tried to discuss the most beautiful and inexpensive goat fence ideas that will help you protect your livestock from predators. If you find it convenient, you can mix one or two types and make the perfect goat fencing by yourself. Hopefully, we could help you with all the information you need to design the perfect goat fence for your yard.