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How to get rid of Crows in your Backyard (Easy Tip & Tricks)

Tips on How to Get Rid of Crows for Good: Crows are very resilient and extremely alert and birds that can learn from their mistakes and thrive in almost any environment. But Crows’ resilience and sociability can be hard on human neighbors because squawk and make a fuss about everything. Whenever people have them around, instead of helping them, people tend to get rid of crows. Not only flocks of crows create noises they drop their mess anywhere and anytime causing property damage and spreading diseases. 

If you are a farmer, you must have been the victim of crow damage and looking for a way to learn about how to get rid of crows in your yard. You need to be more careful if you are growing corn, peanuts, sunflowers, pecans, and other fruits and beans because these types of farms attract the crows more. The worst thing is, sometimes crows tend to prey on livestock as well. So if you are raising chickens, goats, or lambs on your farms then keep your livestock protected.

Here are some tips on how to get rid of crows in the yard for good or keep the crows away from your property.

Easy Techniques: How to Get Rid of Crows

How to get rid of Crows


To get rid of crows you can approach combining two different ways. Firstly, you can make your place uninviting for them by cutting off the things they need to survive. Secondly, you can scare them off somehow so that they become encouraged to take to a powder. Here is a solid guide on how to do that:

  • Build a Scarecrow

Building a scarecrow is an old school yet effective way of frightening your feathered foes. Without much hassle, just hang some creepy-crow Halloween decorations upside down, with their wings spread out and this little decoy will send the flocks of crows packing. If you want to know how to scare off crows most cost-effectively and operationally, then making a scarecrow will be the best option. You can make one big scary scarecrow or an army of scarecrows according to your convenience. It is useful in farms, yards, gardens, and even on roofs. But make sure you are placing them in the right place so that those clever pesky birds could see it properly.

  • Put out Shiny Stuff

You may not know that reflected light restrain crows from roaming around in your area. Try putting out some bright, shiny Mylar balloons that will glint in the sunlight. Hang some sparkly curly ribbons to glow and blow in the breeze. The shine and reflection of light will keep the crows away. You can use some old CDs or cheap silverware as well to create shiny wind chimes. That will not only create reflected lighting but also a pacey sound to annoy the crows as they do you.

  • Covering the Trash Can

Like every other animal, crows have some basic needs for survival, like food and water. Because of the opportunist nature of crows, they can be visiting your house for the need of any of these. The most disgusting nature of crows is they steal their food from the garbage can and drop their mess all-around anytime. To prevent that you need to use a can with tight-fitting lids and always keep them closed. This will not will keep the crows away, you won’t have to worry about dogs or raccoons as well.

  • Play Distress Signals

Another way of getting rid of crows is to play the recorded distress calls of other crows to confuse the crows and keep them at bay. You can also use the recorded sound of fireworks and noisemakers as crow repellent. Give your neighbors the same idea and schedule a noisemaking plan, so that it would be more effective and less disruptive for people.

Why are crows on my Roof? How to Keep Crows Away

Once you are successful in getting rid of crows, you need to think about some prevention methods to keep them from returning. Here are some ways to make your property less attractive.

  • Thinning Trees Near Gardens

Removing the long trees around the veggie patch, farm and other food sources will discourage the crows to visit your property. Try to remove the trees where crows tend to roost and plant some new trees which are less hospitable to crows.

  • Cut off the Food Source

Sometimes we give food and seed to the songbirds and lovebirds, but who knows if the crows are returning every day for feeding on those. So make sure while feeding the birds conscientiously, you don’t attract the crows. Position the food properly where crows wouldn’t get hold of it, and clean up any spilled food instantly. Also, be careful while feeding your pet dog or cat and tidy up any leftovers as soon as they are finished eating.

  • Use Bird Spikes

Crows tend to sit and roost in some pillars of the roof or any high peaks. Try to follow them and mark those spots first. Then use some bird spikes all along your roof and cover those particular favorite places of crows. You might feel like you are turning your area into a prison, but it will be worth it when you get rid of crows

  • Cover and protect your Plants

If other ideas don’t work in getting rid of crows then you can protect your veggies and livestock instead of running after ideas on how to get rid of crows in the yard. There are several ways of protecting your cash crops from crows. You can drape bird netting all over the farm for the best protection. Make sure you protect the seedling with fabric row covers. Corn is the favorite dish of crows, so be extra careful with it if you are growing corn. When the corn silk becomes brown, try to place a paper cup or bag over the ears of corn

Birds gel is a special gel used to repel crows and other birds. These gels are really sticky and tacky consistency, and the bird really hates getting in touch with them. There are several brands of bird gel found in the market in liquid, gel, or paste form. You can purchase any one of them and spread them on the roof, tree branches, or anywhere the crow’s nest. If you do not want to spend money on the concentrated gels, you can use axle grease for the same purpose. In this way, you are not hurting the bird but getting rid of the crows anyway.

  • Keep some spooky Fake Owls

To prevent the crows from returning to your property using fake owls, snakes, scarecrows, and decoys are very effective ways. These are the enemies of crows and the crows feel threatened to come near them.

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Just get a couple of fake owls or hawk and put up all the Halloween decorations for a few days. These will be enough to deter crows away from your property.

Conclusion: Tips on How to Get Rid of Crows

Whether you live on a farm or in a suburb, crows can make it difficult for you by damaging the resources and with their annoying noise. Hopefully, the above-mentioned ideas give you an overall idea about how to get rid of crows. Whichever method you use it works effectively in deterring the crows and does not cause harm to your kid, pets, or livestock.