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How To Level Ground For Pool: Explained with Tips & Tricks

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How To Level Ground For Easy Set Pool: In the long summer vacation, you need to make a long list of plans. If you have kids then you need to list enough activities for them. Swimming is one of them. It will keep you fit and give you so pleasure in this season. But if you don’t have a pool and thinking to dig it then it’s really hard work.

It sounds like a daunting task. But if you use the right tools and maintain some patience you will sure success in your task. Then you can spend your vacation very nice. It would be more exciting if you invite some friends then a pool party is on. If you have a long and big backyard then don’t wait for anything just dig the ground with some right tools and enjoy the summer.

The Reason to Level The Ground

Whether your ground in the yard is good or bad, you just need to get the groundwork done. There are some valid reasons to get the groundwork before installing a pool.

  • Solid Structure

Before installing any pool on the ground, the foundation needs to be very strong enough as it will put unnecessary pressure on the pool liner and wall. Otherwise, you will face wall cracking under pressure or the pool giving away soon. It is done on the uneven ground then there will parts that will come under more pressure than others. So for the first, the foundation is most important.

  • Safety

If the ground is not dug perfectly then a disaster waiting to happen. If the wall breaks for uneven pressure then it could flood your full backyard. Also, there are also some risks of injury to the swimmers and anyone else too. Moreover, this uneven ground dug pool is likely to have both a shallow and a deep end. It is a threat for the kids even anyone could get harm by this. So you need to be careful about children’s safety issues.

  • Cleanliness

If the pool is made in the uneven ground then it will not have a uniform water level. Even when you will go for cleaning with the equipment, it may get stuck in the shallow end of the pool. Also, you won’t be able to clean your pool accordingly.

  • The Look

The pool needs to look good as it is like a mirror where you get the reflection. So if your reflection is distorted than it won’t look good. Even the part of the water will look skewed to one side of the pool.

How to Level Ground for Pool (Step by Step Guide)


How To Level Ground For Pool


Step One:

Using some right tools or equipment and following the rules accordingly, you can easily have an even ground before you are ready to install the pool. So there are some tools you need:

Step Two:

1. Identifying the Right Spot:

Before digging any place you need to find out where you are going to make the pool. As it is not a small matter so you need some pre-preparation before ground the pool. You need to make a spot that is quite large and long for your pool. Find out which part is the flattest in your backyard.  Because it will save huge time and energy of shoveling and physically demanding work that you had rather skip.

Not only the ground will determine your location, if you look up and see any tree that large trees looming over you then it is not a suitable place. Because leaves will drop on the pool and you need to make your cleaning chore extra. Just make sure before selecting a location that the location of the sewage and septic lines, power lines, and below the ground cable lines too. Then be sure the spot has an extra foot or two to spare around the pool.

2. Location Clearing:


Location Clearing for Pool

First, use a sod clipper or rototiller then chop off the grasses from the spot. The spot might have also roots and stones. So, make sure you need to clear all of the parts from the ground until you just have the clear ground.

There is a little trick to remove all the grass, cover the area with a trap a few weeks before pool installation. The grass under the cover will be deprived of sunlight and water, making it easier for you to cut the grass and roll it away. Then you can have a clear ground to install the pool.

3. Measuring The Level of Flatness:


Measuring The Level of Flatness

It’s not an easy task that which place is perfect for a pool. At this stage, you need to find out how flat the ground is because you can’t judge a ground just by looking. Even you need to have an accurate measurement too. You need to layout some flat boards across the selected area and make sure the boards are looking flat and long.  Use a level to see if there are any places that are higher or lower, in case you don’t have long and flat boards, use stakes and strings to stretch out from the middle.

 4. Handle the Holes and Bumps:

There could be some holes or bumps on the ground. So after checking for the flatness you need to check out about them too. These bumps need to be shoveled one by one. Even you can also dig into the ground to get rid of the bumps. Digging the holes helps to ensure that the base of the pool should rest. Then the soil will be covered by sand later on.

5. Smoothing With Sand:

Giving a sand layer will protect the pool liner against any stones or sharp objects. You can easily get them by any garden center or any landscaping company will deliver to your doorstep. You will need enough sand for covering the whole pool with two inches of sand. Spread the sand in the area. Now water the sand and leave overnight to dry and flatten.

6. Sand Compacting:

When the sand is dry, use a lawn roller to compact the sand down flat and hard. You can also use a shovel to address uneven parts.

7. Base Protector Application:

The base layer is very important as it will protect the liner of the pool. So you must need to apply it. Moreover, it will regulate temperature and prevent heat loss. The base compact will also help the liner against any chance of a puncture. The minimum base of a tarp can be on the compact and level sand. Therefore, make sure the base layer is quite strong to protect the liners.

The Process How to Level Ground for Pool without Digging:

With a minimum digging, you can also install a pool in your yard. For digging most of the process are quite similar. For digging, you need to fill up the lower level areas instead of digging up the higher-level ones. After cleaning the grass, holes, and bumps you have to take a look for a lower-level area with the help of a level preferably.

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If you come across high areas or bumps then mark them with a stake for addressing later. These high areas can be leveled off by moving the dirt aside. Use compact dirt so that there is no looseness that can give the soil away. Now you can also create the base of the pool without digging.


Before doing any kind of project whether it a home project or something else, you need to make some research and careful execution of sequence steps. And for the pool goes the same. With the help of local gardening centers and the right tools, you can give yourself and your family the precious gift of a private pool to party in throughout the summer months. A pool can be built without much digging if you follow the steps on how to level ground the pool. It will give you better chances of success. Make sure you won’t miss any step to do it half. As safety concerns are entwined in each stage of the pool-building process.