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How To Remove Stickers From Wood Furniture: Easy Techniques

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Process of removing a sticker from wood furniture: Stickers are quite favorable to children, it becomes irritating if the stickers stuck on any furniture or decorative items. It spoils the decorating system and elders got angry about it. Sometimes some wood comes with stickers bearing their marks of authenticity. So you need to know how you can remove these stickers from the furniture. It is necessary to find out ways of removing the sticker. As it can spoil your wood accessories design.

So, we are giving you some helpful and simple ways to remove these stickers from your accessories.

Tips & Tricks How to Remove Stickers From Wood Furniture

First Method:
  • A Blow Dryer

This blow dryer can help you out from removing the sticker. You just need to set the dryer on low mode and target it on the sticker. Be careful about the heat, as it can be harmful to the wood surface. So, keep it in low mode. Forth over the sticker a few times to make sure the heat has fully covered all areas. Make your target on the corners for maximum effectiveness and also make a safe distance from the heating tool and the sticker. If you are using a blow dryer, then you need to maintain distance at least two inches from the sticker. The whole time of heating the sticker should not be longer than fifteen seconds to avoid stains on the wood accessories.

  • A Thin Flat Smooth Scraper

In this process, you need to take a thin, slim item like a putty knife, credit cards, or non-serrated knife. This kind of product could help you to lift one end of the sticker, you can use your fingernails to scrape the whole sticker. Don’t use any too sharp material otherwise, it can harm your wood. If the sticker is in any antique then simply use your fingernails.

  • Tweezers

If you can loosen up any edge of the sticker, then you can also use tweezers to pull it up. It also won’t affect your fingernails. Before using any tweezer, we would suggest you apply heat from any blow dryer to soften up the glue more. Then it would be easier to get rid of the sticker. These tweezers are not very costly even you can also find it any dressing tables.

  • Using White Vinegar

For this method, you would need white vinegar, paper towel, or piece of cloth and tweezers. Tweezers are optional. They are not necessary. First of all, you need to pour some vinegar into a bowl and soak the paper towel or a small piece of cloth in a bowl. Then place the soaked towel or piece of cloth immediately on the sticker so that it can cover the whole area. You need to leave this for five minutes.

The white vinegar will go inside of the sticker in time and make the sticker easier for you to pull it up. After five minutes you can use your fingernails or tweezers to lift it. Use any of them gently lift it from an edge of the sticker then slowly go all the way to its end. Now you can peel off the entire sticker from your wooden accessories. Moreover, you need to be aware as this method can only place for horizontal surface facing upwards. Because you will need to put something on top of it for some minutes.

  • Damp Cloth

Among all of the processes, this process is simple and easy to do. It is a straightforward method to be used on product labels. Some people think applying water directly to the sticker can help you out. But it is not easy, it will make the job more difficult for you. Because doing this sensitive paper to stick more strongly to the surface. Now take a towel or piece of cloth and slightly dump into the water. Then place it on the sticker directly that the damp area doesn’t touch the product. Just press upon the place and leave it for a while so that the sticker can dissolve slowly. These methods will help you out from removing a sticker from your wood furniture.

  • Nail Polish Remover

Every woman has a nail polish remover. SO it won’t be so tough to manage any remover. The nail polish remover will help you out in just a little amount. Just take some cotton balls and pour some nail polish remover on it. Take the amount just to dampen the ball. Now carefully dab the cotton ball on the sticker and make some awareness that the surrounding wood area is safe from the dampness. Then leave it for at least five minutes. Now you can take off the sticker and erase the glue left behind on the wood. If you are using your nails then must be careful.

  • Glue Remover

If none of the methods doesn’t work out with your accessories then go for a commercial glue remover. They are quite available on the market. There are many brands in this category are Goof Off, Goo Gone a 3 AM, and many more. If you are finding a glue remover than make sure it contains citrus oil in it. Now the process takes a tissue paper and folds it two to four times. Then pour a drop or two drops on the tissue paper.

Dab exactly over the sticker and gently rub a few times. If you require more remover, then use it. Just ensure that the sticker is wet enough to scrape. It won’t take more than two minutes. When it becomes easy for you to lift a corner or an edge of the sticker and add one more drop of the remover underneath the sticker. Now slowly peel off the sticker and use a scraper to scrape off the excess.

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Using these ways, you can easily remove a sticker from the accessories. If the homemade methods are not enough, then we are also providing you to use glue remover for it. So now you have removed the entire sticker successfully. But there is another issue with the sticky paper or glue. Because sometimes removing the sticker, there still the residue of sticky paper or glue.

Some Methods to Remove Sticker Residue

Giving you some handy idea to remove sticker residue as it remains after removing the sticker.

  • You can use lemon oil for these issues. Just take a few drops of lemon drops on the affected area and rub it immediately.
  • The Scotch Magic tap can also help you. You need to borrow a roll of this magic tap and place its pieces on the residual. Now take it off fast after so that the residual gets stuck on its sticky side. Then it will come off with the tap. Don’t use duct tape rather magic tape.
  • Damp a cloth with a solvent and scrub off the residue in a circular motion. It can take some time to remove the sticker residue.

Conclusion: How To Remove Stickers From Wood Furniture

While everyone likes their furniture with attractive and vibrant so you need to clear off the excess sticker that ruining your furniture design and shine. It looks dirty on the accessories. So now you can get rid of this sticker with these homemade ideas or methods. You can choose which one you provide and also there is giving a residual solution. Go ahead and make your accessories beautiful and shiny.