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How to Make a Dance Floor in Your Backyard: Step by Step Guide

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Best Dance Floor Ideas In Your Backyard: In dance, floor-work refers to movements performed on the ground. At the wedding, the dance floor creates an environment of love between newly wedded couples. It’s no wonder that dancing has infused itself into our society. In a wedding function or a party with friends, a dance floor is sure to get your guests tapping their toes! So if you want to complete the uniquely sentimental wedding or a memorable party a dance floor in your backyard will do that.

Next, you have to decide what type of dance floor right for your backyard party. And also explore with budgets, preparation time, and purpose. To make a dance floor in the backyard you can explore the four options-

  • DIY dance floor
  • Use what you have
  • Buy
  • Rent

Making a dance floor can be simpler than you thought with these easy steps. One trip to the hardware store will get you all you need. Enlist the help of friends and neighbors and you can have this floor finished in one day. Before that you decided the few things:

  • First, pick the location and check the space. Pick an area that is level and large enough for the dimensions of the dance floor. With the dance floor also consider spacing for tables and chairs because of the dance floor because not all the guests will be dancing at a time.
  • After deciding the location determine the size of the dance floor. Not all guests will be dancing at a time. About 30%-40% of your guests will be dancing at a time. Each couple will need about 9 square ft. to dance which means 4.5 square ft. for per dancer. Check your guest lists and calculate the percentage and then decide the size of the floor.
  • When you decided the size then decide the materials like wood or recycled pallets. And go to the local hardware store and carry all of the supplies like wood, plywood sheets, nails, drill, mending plates, tiles or dance mat or paint.

How to Make a Dance Floor: Step by Step Explained

1. DIY Dance Floor

For a celebration with 100 guests, about 40 are going to be dancing directly. That means you should plan for 40 * 4.5 sq ft. to get about 180 square feet. So using 4’*8’ plywood we can constructing a dance floor that is 12’*16’ which is about 200 sq. ft. and a decent size for a party of 100 guests.

Step 1: Supplies needed for the dance floor (12’ * 16’)

  • 38 foot long 2 x 3’s – cut 18 of them into two 45″ pieces
  • 6 sheets of 1/2″ plywood
  • Nails and hammer or screwdriver
  • Floor Paint and supplies for painting
  • Painters Tape
  • 6 Mending plates to join the pieces together

Step 2: The dance floor measured 12 x 16 and was created out of 6 sections that were 4 x 8. The size of a sheet of plywood. From the 2 x 3, they created 6 frames that measured 4 x 8. Then added four support pieces to each frame.

Step 3: The next step was nailing a sheet of plywood to the top of each frame and nailing it down along the edges and across the support pieces. You should now have 6 completed dance floor pieces ready for your configuration.

Step 4: The next step was the painting process. Like painting, there are several ways to finish the dance floor. If you like the wood look, you may just choose to seal and weatherproof it. Finish the top of the dance floor with one of the options below:

  • Paint: Paint is probably the cheapest option to get the most customized look. You can write your initials, use glow in the dark paint, or even create a work of art. You can paint it to look like a checkerboard too.
  • Vinyl Sheet: Make your floor appear as if knowledgeable dance studio by using vinyl floor sheets. Just roll it out on top of your floor. You will need to secure the floor by binding to the plywood or nailing down the ends.
  • Peel and Stick tiles: If you want to make sure all the pieces come apart easily when you have finished, consider using peel and stick tiles.
  • Vinyl Dance Mat: While the most expensive option, it is a great choice if you are planning to use it regularly. The mat can be rolled over the wood floor when in use.

Step 5: Last use mending plates to secure each dance floor piece together. Place the mending plates on the surface of the floor where each bit joins.

Your hard work has all paid off and now you can enjoy the next big dance party or wedding in your backyard!

2. Use What You Have

For your lower budget don’t give up on your dance floor. You may have everything you already need for the dance floor in your backyard. A deck and cement area (such as a basketball court) or grass can also be easily converted into the perfect dance floor.

Step 1: Select an area of the yard that is free of any divots or holes. The slope of the yard should be relatively flat. And check out also the dirt and gravel.

Step 2: For the plain yard you have to create a boundary of the dance floor otherwise the guest will be confused. You can use your tricks for defining the boundary that will fit your theme. You can use rock, pumpkins, flower vase, light, homemade paper flower or recycled pallets, etc in the four corners of the boundary. Lighting can also serve a dual purpose of defining the boundary and illuminating the dance floor.

Step 3: Because of the deck, grass, or cement area there can be dust. And nobody will be dancing for long if they are having to breathe in the dust while dancing. So we have to care about that.

  • We can spray the dirt lightly before the party.
  • We can use a dust control agent such as Dust Down Pro. It is non-toxic and a safe option if you plan.
  • Continue the country feel with a thin layer of straw. You can lightly spray this a day before the party to enhance the dust fighting capabilities.

Step 4: Add the perfect mood lighting. Adding just the proper lighting can enhance any area and breathe new life into it.

Step 5: Use flooring. Layout a floor on top of your existing patio or deck. Vinyl sheets or laminate flooring on top of the cement or deck will make it appear as if you installed an expert ballroom floor.

If you are considering a country theme to your party with a line or swing dancing, kick up your boots and enjoy the cheapest way to make your dance floor: dirt.

3. Buy a Dance Floor

If you consider yourself as lazy or not interesting in DIY and you are sure to spend more money and need a professional dance floor then you have the option of buying one. Many of the products available come in one square foot tiles. The tiles can be taken apart and easily stored in a garage or closet. Most of the manufactured dance floors are made to be placed on a hard and sturdy surface. Some dance floors are made to work on uneven ground. However, consider laying down a tarp and possibly plywood before assembling the floor on dirt or grass.

Step 1: Many available sets come with options for how many tiles in each set. Make sure to get enough sets to hide the realm you would like for a floor. If you would like a border ramp, remember that it’ll get to be purchased separately.

Step 2: Make sure to buy your dance floor with plenty of time before the big event. You will need to plan for shipping time and installation once it arrives. You have to store enough time in your hands.

Step 3: It is best to install your dance floor the day of or the day before your party so it is not damaged by the elements. Don’t forget that it will also be easier to connect tiles on a hard surface.

4. Rent a Dance Floor:

If you are wanting a high-quality dance floor at your function but a little bit budget problem, you may opt for making a dance floor by hiring a rental company. They will often handle the setup and takedown, leaving you time to practice your dance

Step 1: Check out the best rental companies and check their reviews. When renting a floor, always get quotes from a couple of different companies.

Step 2:

  • SnapLock Dance Floor: Dance the night away on our indoor/outdoor stylish dark maple floor. Perfect for weddings, parties, school dance, dance classes, and more. The dance floor can only be installed on hard surfaces. Rental price: $18.00 per 3*3 section
  • SnapLock Subfloor: Subflooring is used with the dance floor when your event is being held on turf or an uneven surface. Rental price: $.50 per square foot.

Make sure to discuss with the salesperson where you plan to place your backyard dance floor. For this option, we can enjoy the dance floor with fewer headaches. The cost to rent may be well worth your time and energy saved.

Final Touch

The last and final touch to your dance floor will set the mood. Light the dance floor by adjusting your environment and get a DJ to feel the party and take all the advantage of the party on the dance floor.

Conclusion: How to Make a Dance Floor in Your Backyard

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We instructed you on ways to form a floor in your backyard. With numerous options to settle on from, you’re bound to know the right way to make a floor in your backyard. So now you just have to choose an option and enjoy any kind of party.