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What Is The Standard Shower Head Height? All Models Compared

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What Is The Standard Shower Head Height? If you are a tall person, you must face the issue that the showerhead is hitting one of your heads. Maybe, you need to bend or hunch over and get yourself wet. Although this dimension is good for many people, a shower head with an extended neck can reduce this measurement by some inches. There is a perfect measurement for showerheads.

This measurement depends on many reasons. Some dimension also allows you to move your body without bumping into the bathroom fittings. But you may want a shower nozzle to spray water from your chin area. In this way, a bath would be a comfortable and sometimes a relaxing experience. The shower height depends on the users’ various other needs and requirements, like the power to move the hands and other body parts comfortably when having a shower. This is why the shower head height is essential.

Standard Shower Head Height? All Models Compared


The Standard Heights

The standard height is considered to be the industry is eighty inches, and the nozzle should be placed eighty inches above the bathroom floor. This height is suitable for people of average height. This is your personal preference depends where it should be placed in the shower nozzle. And the space of the bathroom is available for you. Remember, the best height is when the shower is at least three to four inches above your head when you stand under it. Usually, in public places, the head is higher than eighty inches. These places could be commercial buildings, hotels, offices, etc.

Because these places are visited by many people, including high-profile people, if they are almost as tall as 7 feet, they will require an appropriately placed shower nozzle. You might notice that most of the hotels use handheld showers as varieties of visitors and guests came there. These make things easier since people of any height can utilize them. But, in a regular house, the height is between 72 and 96 inches.

It is important to find one that suits the needs of you and your family. You don’t want anyone bumping into your shower head while showering and injuring themselves or claiming damages from them. Remember, the best height is when the shower is at least three to four inches above your head when you stand under it. So, you need to decide the shower height that you want depending on the tallest person who is likely to use your shower head. You can see more about the height of a few types of showerheads.

Wall Mounted Shower Standard Height


The standard height of the wall-mounted is almost eighty inches from the ground. But you should opt for whatever height is most comfortable for you. If you live with a different type of heights people, you also need to think about them. The wall-mounted also depends on the people who will be using the shower. If plenty of individuals use the shower in your house, deciding the shower height is often a haul.

So, you always should fix the height of your wall shower head at a comfortable height. We can use the average height of all the family members. When you do that calculation, you do not need to include children as they grow fast and their heights keep changing. So, in the future, you may face difficulties.

Handheld Shower Standard Height



If you would like to repair this sort of a showerhead, you must fix it at a height between 72 inches and 78 inches from the toilet floor, which is that the standard. It gives multiple options. It helps out every person whether all of them are not similar to the heights. It is a way the adults or the taller people can comfortably bathe without trouble. It allows you to adjust the showerhead height according to your preferences.

While you are buying any handheld shower, make sure it is flexible, and the length of the hose is long. The hose needs to long at least sixty inches. This hose allows you to use your shower as either a hard and fast or hand-held shower head. You can also use these hand showers for cleaning the bathroom that is hard to reach. The children will be gladder for these handheld showers. It is a superb solution for shorter people. Moreover, these showers are quite popular nowadays.

Rain Shower Standard Height


Rainshower may give you a feel; you are drenching in the rain. From this shower head, the water will direct fall upon your head. Although the standard here is 80 inches, 84 inches is a tad better. A rain shower unit will cater to the tallest guy in the house and even to the little ones. If you settle the shower head properly, you can feel it is raining onto you as it is placed higher above. If you want a shower with a low ceiling, then a rain shower head is a good option because the shower spray is already spread when it comes out from the showerhead.

These showerheads are quite interesting. It spread all the water in your body when coming out of the shower nozzle. Whether you have a low ceiling, this shower will work. The adults can also use it as a handheld spray to get water to certain spots, which they cannot reach easily while rinsing. So, now your shower is easier and more exciting. The rain shower heads make it feel as if you are literally in the middle of a downpour.

Some Related Standard Sizes

If you are thinking about the shower head size, you also need to think about the bathroom space. Because it needs to be enough for an average person to stand there. Then, the shower height depends largely on your personal needs, preferences, and space you have in your bathroom. National Kitchen and Bath Association recommended enclosures 36/36 inches for tall or disable people.

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Shower valves have a standard distance of 38 to 48 inches from the floor. From the outside, starting from the bathroom floor, shower walls need to be 72 inches high. And from the inside, starting from the drain, walls need to be 70 inches high. If anyone is transferred into the water space with a wheelchair, you will need 36/48 inches square or bigger space. However, the gap between your head and the showerhead shouldn’t be too tall, or you won’t be able to fully experience and enjoy the various shower spray patterns your showerhead might offer.

Conclusion: Standard Shower Head Height

Although the showerhead’s height is eighty inches, if you think you would need more height, you need to settle down the shower before. And you can also set a handheld shower if you have different sizes of people at home. If your family has tall people, you can settle for a fixed shower head. On the contrary, if you have kids or members with a disability, you could consider the rain or handheld option.

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